The One Luminous Night

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Dolce&Gabbana Beauty presents an olfactory journey to the Middle East with a new exclusive edition fragrance, The One Luminous Night. Following The One Royal Night and The One Mysterious Night, The One Luminous Night is a sophisticated oriental spicy perfume that explores the contrast between the chill of the cool night sky and the warmth of the golden stars. The warm aspect of the dates is echoed by the creaminess of sandalwood, meeting smoky accents of incense and a lingering trail of amber. Gold details of the cap and gilded Arabic script, set against the dark blue glass, reflect the radiance of the gleaming stars.

Fragrance Notes

Base notes: Sandalwood, Incense, Amber
Middle notes: Dates, Sage, Geranium
Top notes: Basil, Bergamot, Black pepper